Friday, 8 June 2012

Group A: Russia v Czech Republic Post Match Analysis

Dzagoev 15,79               Pilar 52,
Shirokov 24,
Pavlyuchenko 82,

Russia start off in their 4-3-3 shape Russia starting 11:
GK: Malafeev, LB: Zhirkov, CB: Ignashevich, CB: Berezutski, RB: Anyukov, DCM: Denisov, CM: Zyryanov, CM: Shiorkov, LFW: Arshavin, ST: Kerzhakov, RFW: Dzagoev.
Czech Republic start off in their 4-2-3-1 shape Czech Republic starting 11: 
GK: Cech,LB Kadlec, CB: Hubnik CB: Sivok, RB: Gebre-Selassie, CM: Jiracek, CM: Pasil, LFW: Pilar, AM: Rosicky, RFW: Rezek, ST: Baros.

With the Polish dropping points, the Russian's will be very pleased with the 3 points they picked up in this 4-1 victory. Apart from the first 10 minutes or so, the Czech's never looked like they were in the game, even after the goal from their best player of the day, Pilar, which was well put away after a great pass from Pasil. Anyukov maybe should have stuck with Pilar, but unsuccessfully tried to play offside. 

The Czech's played too many long diagonal balls from deep that were just too easy for the Russian back line in the first half. They also left Baros too isolated, Rosicky being the main offender, who found himself dropping too deep, and the Russian midfield three, who know each other well, gave him no time on the ball. The other side to the Czech game seemed to be pushing the fullbacks right up the pitch and because of this and the extra numbers around the ball, time and time again Russia could hit them on the counter with quick short passes up field. Anyukov was disciplined and stayed back when needed which let Zhirkov push on. 

Zhirkov had  played well and was clever with his movement along side Arshavin. Dzagoev had a good game he moved inside at the right times and used the ball well along with scoring two goals. Kerzhalov should have grabbed himself a goal or two; his movement  and all round play was good, but he was too wasteful with his shooting so Pavlyuchenko replaced him and got himself on the score sheet, along with sliding the ball to Dzagoev for his second. 

Shiorkov started the move to his goal, then made a good run to the back post; I'm not sure the pass was meant for him, but that is what good positioning can do and he's got a knack for it , he had a good game and will be pleased with his work and the work of Zyryanov and Denisov. Densiov was a rock all game and passed the ball off well. Dick will be asking for more of the same from Russia and with a win in the next game, they could well rest players in the third.

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