Saturday, 9 June 2012

Group B: Netherlands v Denmark Post Match Analysis

                                       Krohn-Dehil 24

Netherlands start off in their 4-2-3-1 shape, starting 11:
GK: Steklenburg, LB: Willems, CB: Heitinga, CB: Vlaar, RB: Van der Wiel,  DCM: Van Bommel, DCM: de Jong, LFW: Afellay, AM: Sneijder,  RFW: Robben, ST: Van Persie.
SUBS USED: Hunterlaar/ Afellay70,   Van der Vaart/de Jong 70, Van der Wiel / Kuyt 85

Denmark start off in their 4-2-3-1 shape, starting 11:
GK: Andersen, LB: Poulsen, CB: Agger, CB: Kjaer, RB: Jacobsen, CM: Zimling, CM: Kvst, LM: Krohn-Dehil, AM: Eriksen, RM: Rommedahl,  ST: Bendtner.
SUBS USED: Eriksen/Schone 74, Rommedahl / Mikkelsen 84 


Defensive Unit:
Willems at 18 has only just come into the squad, and did well in the first 20 minutes or so getting off a good shot and playing a lovely ball to the other flank, as well as looking sharp down the left. He fell out the game for the rest of the half, although that might be down to Rommedahl coming alive and keeping him pinned back; he did however improve in the second half. Van der Wiel didn't get forward as much as he likes and this was mostly down to Robben hugging the line and Dehil keeping Van der Wiel at bay. While the Dutch didn't have a lot to do defensively; Heitinga's  defending was questionable for the goal, that aside the centre back pairing played well. Denmark made themselves hard to break down by dropping off of Holland. The Danes had to worked hard in a spell 20 minutes from the end. Agger  in particular made all the right moves. Considering how many shots Holland had, the Danes intercepted well and just about dealt with what the Dutch threw at them, be it missing the target most of the time. 

In the middle:
Van Bommel and De Jong stayed too deep and left too much space between the lines of attack and defence. Van Bommel did push on a little more than de Jong but never strayed to far from his partner until after the first half, there he found himself in some good positions before he moved back after de Jong was taken off. Sneijder was amazing today, his movement to find space in a packed final third was top drawer,  he played in countless balls into dangerous areas along with linking well with Afellay. Sneijder made some key passes, especially the one from the left to Huntelaar who should of scored.

 Denmark tried to get Eriksen on the ball (he being key for the Danes) in the final third, his movement was good but he saw the Dutch  pairing  of de Jong and Van Bommel at every turn. The Danish double pivot of Zimling and Kvst worked hard the latter was dropping into the back line while Zimling pushed hight up closing down the Dutch paring of Van Bommel and De Jong they did however have it easy playing the ball out as Sneijder half-attempted to close them down, this was obviously to have more room when receiving the ball.

Wing Play:
Afellay, the forgotten man since his injury at Barcelona, came into the Euro's incognito to some degree and I'm sure they will not let him go under the radar any longer. He is looking sharp and his movement was good all game, maybe he was unlucky not to get more out of his good performance. Robben, who sometimes doesn't release the ball as much as he should, could have played RVP or Afelly in after a terrible pass out by Andersen, but chose to go it alone and hit the post with a nice shot. He did however waste possession a few times coming in from the right when there were better options on for him. A big plus for Holland's play was Robben switching flanks, when this happened Affelay tended to stay central and picked up some good positions at the edge of the box. Denmark's wide players, Krohn-Dehil and Rommedahl, grew into the game, Dehil got luckly with the deflection but there was nothing lucky about what happened next: the dummy and shot was worth the goal. He could have added a second if Zimer hadn't got in his way and his all-round play looked good.

Up Top:
Van Persie got the nod instead of  Hunterlaar; this was down to his all-round play. Overall he linked play well, but found that when he went wide no one really filled in, he also was unlucky a couple of times losing balance at the pivotal moments. Sneijder tried a couple of times to fill the void, though Holland  tended to put the ball in high where he was never going to beat Agger or Kjaer in the air. Hunterlaar did get on the pitch and could have scored, RVP floated around him when they moved to a 4-2-4 though out of  32 attempts they only managed 5 on target. Bendtner was a spectator for most of the game although he played a couple of nice balls out wide the few times he got on the ball.

Full Time:
Denmark will be pleased with the 3 points and will go into the next game with confidence. However I believe Bendner will need to do more if they are going to progress. Holland will be kicking themselves now; in the big game against Germany they won't be able to get away with being so wasteful and playing this slow, they will need to come up with something in the middle as van Bommel will struggle to play the box to box role they need.

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